Attention is the Key in the sale of Tourism.

I would like to begin by thanking: God, my mother, Vision Travel, my sponsorship line and my team, for sharing this joy with me, receiving for the second consecutive year the recognition as “the company’s biggest tourism salesman”.

A year ago I remember that I was called to write an article like this (something that filled me with pride) and from that moment, I proposed that this year 2016 would do it again. I admit that when I heard that the convention would be at the Poliedro de Caracas I said: “I have to get on that platform and for that I have to do something big”. Without giving it much thought, I took on the challenge with myself, to do what is necessary to be there as the greats and next to the greats.

Today it is my turn to share once again with you: members, friends and colleagues of this great organization, what has been my journey during this year of blessings, which began by focusing on offering our products with more interest and making my customers feel well taken care of by buying them from me.

For this reason, I did my best and focused on customer service, learning routes, checking prices constantly to be updated, browsing the Internet about destinations and paradisiacal landscapes to give advice, among many activities.

I remember that I was on vacation in the United States, celebrating my mother’s birthday with my family, when I decided to stop by the company’s offices in the Doral and Don Felipe Villegas gave me a news that impressed me, the same was that I had earned the pass to attend the Executive Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which was held in April. In that event I shared enthusiastically with the executives and other guests but there was not everything there, little by little I was empowering myself of my business and I made the decision to make a career and to consolidate a team that would allow me to occupy the first step of executive position and from there, to contribute more to the growth of our business. It wasn’t until June 10, 2016 when I was able to reach the Silver executive qualification and until now I continue working hard.

At the Argentina Meeting, our top leader Rigoberto Hernandez proposed to me the idea of giving national tourism workshops, based on the results I have obtained during two consecutive years, and like a lightning bolt I said: “I can, I want to and I will do it”.

I returned to Venezuela focused on being an executive and preparing, in my experience, a workshop that would be a reference and help all partners to take full advantage of the enormous potential that our business has. I titled the workshop: Our business is also tourism, sure as I am that this is such a generous business that tourism generates constant residuals and allows us to cash more and more juicy checks weekly, in addition to helping your entire line of sponsorship to complete bonus and sometimes get new grades.

In addition to this, the sale of tourism goes further because it helps our company to position itself more and more in the market, and to make new negotiations and alliances with tour operators to become more competitive in price and services.

At the time of writing this article, I have given the workshop in Puerto Ordaz – city where I live and love with my heart -, Caracas and Maracay. And I take the opportunity to make myself available to the other lines, and contribute something to the growth and consolidation of their teams. Likewise, and by virtue of the results, since August I have been dictating them virtually on Mondays, once a month, in our room: www.

I want to end this review with what I have called postdata: “adelante por los sueños que aún nos quedan, adelante si es en América, adelante si es en Venezuela donde somos gente de gracia, somos gente buena…”.

Por: Ramón Sifontes

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