The web page you are now using is operated by Vision Travel, a network marketing travel agency for travel and tourism-related products which, among other things, grants one an identification as a Vision Travel agent. It also offers reservation programs through the Internet, known as Internet Booking Engines (IBE’s). The IBE allows the representatives to offer their clients the possibility of making reservations directly. Although the system permits you to make the reservations electronically, a travel agency will print your tickets and will offer services that would generally be offered under the act of physical calling or visiting their office to make your reservation.

Vision travel understands and values the fact that your privacy is very important. Vision Travel is committed to neither disclosing, selling nor exchanging your personal information unless by your own consent. You will have options in regards to how your information is handled. The only exception to this policy is obliged access by means of an official judge’s court order or under the mandate of government agencies or lawful authorities, with respect to the state and federal laws, or in the case- very unlikely- where the company is sold or your goods have been transferred.


The information that you submit in filling out the associate profile form en this website will be used, among other things, to reduce the labor that is required by your part when looking for travel data and when website reservations are actualized.

Vision Travel rejects all responsibility for the actions of other travel agencies with respect to the use of your information and everything concerned with the privacy of information.


Our norms and procedures have been created to avoid that those who are not affiliated with Vision Travel have access to your personal information.

You will have the option to choose whether you would like to receive information about special offers by Vision Travel. Through the use of the online reservation program, you acknowledge that this norm of privacy is not a contract.



Voluntary information


All the information that is submitted is stored in a secure database. Vision Travel requires only that you create a user name and password to have access to the reservation program. These limit the use of mechanical search engines by the representative, which would increase the cost of services he offers himself. It is only obligatory to fill out the fields designated by an asterisk (*); the remaining fields are optional. If you prefer to leave these fields blank, you must provide such information every time you make a travel reservation. When you enter the system as a registered user, we attempt to track the travel options you are looking for to better understand your travel preferences. Our wish is that your experience using the reservation program of Vision Travel is as productive and customized as possible.


Automatic Information

If you have previously visited, our server may automatically recognize your computer through your encrypted affiliate code, also known as a “cookie”. Although this code allows identification when revisiting the site, our security norms expect you to insert your username and password each time you visit the site. This provides added security and also allows us to personalize your visit to the website.

Consult the “Help” tool in your browser to (1) obtain information about when new “cookies” are received, (2) to find out how to stop receiving “cookies”, or (3) to deactivate “cookies” entirely. Nonetheless, keep aware that allowing your computer to receive cookies permits you to receive the best advantages of the SABER reservation program and can better the general functionality of the website during your visit. The option is yours.



When you enter the system as a registered user, we attempt to track the travel options you are looking for to better understand your travel preferences.

Vision Travel may opt to inform you directly about special offers, keeping in mind the preferences indicated by your user profile or the trips that may be of interest to you according to the data of historical transmission clicks. When creating your user profile, you will be asked if you wish not to receive special offers. Vision Travel will not use your data in contradiction to your expressed preferences.



You decide if Vision Travel can disclose your personal information to third parties, except in situations where we must develop, supplement or verify the necessary data to complete the transactions you have requested or purchased.


Another method of providing information to travel suppliers and traders is to classify information based on group statistics. Regardless, this type of shared information will not be related to any trip in particular.


Vision Travel will use your email to send confirmations and other notifications about associated trips through the Internet reservation program, as well as administrative notifications, such as those regarding a forgotten password. If you decide to not receive them and indicate as such on your user profile, Vision Travel will not send you notifications about special travel offers through the Internet.



If you have any questions or concerns about the privacy rules and procedures of your data in Vision Travel, direct them to