Our business was born and grew in the great age of information and we have learned to view the world in a new way, through the social focus of technology.

Our Team

Felipe Villegas


Odalys Benavides


Odalis Montano

Genealogy and commisions director

Susana Pikarin

Tourism Director

Rocio Argote

Contracting Director

Yoel Durán

General Manager Venezuela

Shiara Morgan

General Manager Panamá

This is the way our people think

Vision Travel is the opportunity of being able to sow your life into the life of others helping them conquer their fears.

Romano Pesci Feltri

Executive Diamond

Vision Travel means "I have found my home"

Ana Maria Garofalo

Executive Diamond

"A real opportunity to learn to live, reach your dreams and fulfill our purpose."

Guillermo Aure - Venezuela

Guillermo Aure

Executive Diamond

“The opportunity to transform common men into freelance entrepreneurs”

Angel Duque

Executive Diamond

“The opportunity to find my inward riches, is where God showed me my life purpose, to be happy and help others to be”

Frany Esteller

Executive Diamond

"Vision Travel is the best version of me"

Nestor Semprum

Executive Diamond